Monday, November 20, 2006

TOC has bad feng shui?

This post has nothing to do with TOC (my college name) or anything also....prob has something to do with it coz me and a few classmates have been having streaks of bad luck and we came out with the solution that TOC has bad feng shui...aihh...oe of them accident 3 times in one month...another guy 3 roadblocks in 1 for me...hit the divider twice in ONE DAY and the following day my car got hit while it was parked and my bumper slightly came off....u SEE BAD FENG SHUI FOR STUDENTS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

i just realise i havent blog for so long and luckily still can remember my password....aihh ok la i tell u all how i hit the fucking divider ok? no offence but i really really really getting annoyed by lady drivers ...SERIOUSLY!!! everytime something bad happened on the road or almost accident or made me emergency brake..sure coz of lady drivers one...why la whyyyyyyyyyy......anyways whoever happenes to know or see this black wira with the number plate BEG 6862....u can do wateva u want to car...scratch it kick it smash it..steal wateva laaaaa fucking moron!!! knnccb knnccb!!!!!!!! lets just hope these streaks of bad lucks will soon turn into good lucks yea!!! fingers crossed!!

ohh everyone's been telling me how nice is paddington and what pancakes what pancakes....sweet la..savoury la...this la that la...out of 100 so called delicious pancakes...i had to choose the yucky one...wat are the chances rightttt u see bad luck again....aihh ordered some svaoury pancake burger with minced beef and egg and cheese and hashbrown...sounds nice? i tot so too..but noooooooo it was damn jelak and kindda yucky in a yeah....bad bad experience at paddington..oh well according to chuchai the treasure box is i shall go try it again...lets hope its really nice..if not....chuchais gonna pay for it anyways...(if ure reading this...u are paying for it JACK !!!!!) college is such a drag...going to sleep now...baibai

minty singing off...feeling LUCKY!!!!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hip-hop fine dining

last night i had dinner with my parents at victoria station...well for those who don't know victoria station is actually a western restaurant sorta fine dining high-end kindda restaurant..and of coz 1st impresison is ermm nice ambience nice food good service. is like a place u would wanna bring ure 1st date or celebrate any other special occasion with ure loved ones. Guess what!! they decided to be "in" and "hip" and fucking played black eyed peas and nelly and pussy cat dolls!!!! wtfffffff......

we all know that black eyed peas and pussycat dolls are like damn hot and hip in the market now but....not a very suitable place to play such music righttttttttt....imagine u going on a 1st date with the perfect partner and bring her to such nice place to dine...and suddenly u guys felt as though ure in some cheap mamak serving chicken chop and listening to "where is the love"!!!......*faints*.....but ok they played those slow songs by black eyed peas and still can forgive la then the person incharge became stupid and decided its not cool enough..lets play ROCK!!! wtffffff ure eating a nice candle light dinner...and listenin to ROCK MUSIC!!!!! i was enjoying my beefsteak while listening to SWEET CHILD OF MINE~~~ and smuggy....sweet child of mine...*kick* (look at me not the TV) wahahha..anyways will crap on that other time for those who dont get it....well back to victoria station....

well....good thing is that thet didnt turn on the music too loud it wasnt quite disturbing...but totally brought down the image of such a nice place....oh well i guess they trying to fit into the cool society since nowadays alot youngsters bring their gf there...ciao~

minty singing off....WHERE IS THE LOVE!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

apology with a penis , forgiven with an orgasm

The title says it all...often couples argue and fight and they all hide their problems under the blanket and tmr will be a better day...little did they know the that little by little the secrets under the blanket will soon pile up to be a mountain and thats where ure penis apology is no more accepted and even by seeing ure face there ain't no orgasm!!! i really dont know wtf am i saying here but well...the moral is dont hide ure problems but face and find find a solution for them!!! having sex and making up wont always work....cheers!~

anyways...its august...month of the ghost is it? weird frend's dad actually locked him up and dont allow him to go out this month coz its month of the ghost...or something la....hmmm i think all parents love this month..extra excuses to lock their kids up!!!! lol oh well..happy ghosting month people!! tata

minty signing off.....ghostly

Starlight Cinema

what do u like about starlight cinema? according to keith coz it has cool air blowing his hair. according to me is just another reason to stay out late! starlight cinema has come once again but this time not in bukit kiara anymore instead its in sentul park in...well..sentul.
so on the 1st of august which was ermm 2 days back, keith , junee and me decided to go to starlight cinema for the primier of CLICK! and keith was kind enough to print out the maps and free tix and stuff off we went around 6pm and supposed to reach there before 7 to collect the tix.. but we left late coz i was caught up at work..anyways to cut the long story short.....we left at 6 pm and twist and turn around kl trying to find sentul park...eventually we got lost in kl for around 3 hours? reached there around ermm...8.45 or 9...but it was to learn alot of new stuff about body art!! ahha u can never never never be able to guess how cool a ball bearing can be!!! HAHAH

in the end we got lost in jalan ipoh and called junee's bf and he brought us there and watched like 45 mins of the ending of CLICK but it was a cool show...kindda funny and sad...teaches u alot of stuff as moral sial...dont play play!! then off we came back to subang and junee went to collect some stuff from the frend...and thats it..end of the starlight cinema journey!!! but it was all worth it though...despite all the travelling and getting lost...stupid map la..dont know how to read also...aihhh for those who are interested can go to for more info and also other shows shcedule!! tata for now...

minty signing off..feeling..restless!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

not a virgin airtrek anymore

this all happened about a week ago....let me tell u the whole story of my day from the beginning to the wee hours of the night spent at the poice station. well here it goes...

As usual woke up in the morning and went to work...thinking its gonna be another boring day at work and as usual hang around laze around...and suddenly!!! *beep**beep* got sms wor...from hsin ee ka jie asking me to go for her bday gathering later at night...which i thought it was gonna be next week.....but i was wrong..somore that night i already ajaked someone out for i have 2 i thought well tonight sure wont be bored lor...since got dinner date and got party to feeling so much better...then suddenly *ring ring* miss junee called....asking me out for yamcha later at night....i was like...wTf....when i want go out no one wanna come out..when i dowan ajaked by 3 hot girls feeling lucky la....then went back home from work around 6 something or 7....and took a shower got ready and changed and looking good and fine....and all set to go out!!!!

so i was deciding to pick smuggy up 1st or sabrina 1st...since we all going for dinner and my kai jie bday party i decided to fetch smuggy 1st since is nearer..and that where the HORROR began!!!! i drove slowly to his house and parked in front of his house and waited..looking back at the rear mirror i saw a waja waiting behind my i thought it was smuggy's sister or bf or wateva and im hogging their parking. so i quickly hurried smuggy to come out and malay guy came down from his waja and walked towards my car...(this happened in front of smuggy house in USJ 11) knocked on my window several times looking i wind down my window just a little bit and asked him what he wants...he looked like a druggie he asked me "u cina ke melayu?" then i answered "cina" and sorta ignored him...then he asked me "u tinggal mana?" then i totally ignored him coz i was afriad he might pull out a gun and kidnap me or i quickly wind up my window and called smuggy and ask him to hurry up. Then, the whole wildest police chase crap happened!! that son-of-a-beetch drove his car infront of mine and reverse quickly and *BANG!!!!* then i quickly reversed and drove off.....that cibai actually followed

After 3 mins of driving smuggy decided to call .." hello...what happened ? where are u why u drive away so fast?"...then i just told him i think someone wanna rob me so just meet me at the police i drove out to the main road and FUCK traffic light so i made a quick left turn and went straight...FUCK another traffic light so i slowed down thinking that bastard would give up but noooooooo he actually bump my i step on the gas and WOOOOSH!! turbo activated!!! and made a quick left again and go straight and guess what...ANOTHER FUCKING TRAFFIC LIGHT!!!!! so made another quick left and again as usual traffic i was basically going in circles....and kept stepping on the gas and TURBO ACTIVATED ALL THE TIME!!! WOOSh after woosh after the smart minty decided to drive around 140km/h in usj..housing area somore and made a qick u-turn and went straight....nv did i realise there was a car turning jammed brake and the mutha fucka behind me couldnt brake in time i guessed...crashed into me and causing me to hit the car infront...minding u a waja crashing in at 140km/hr...sure total i ignored him and the car infront as well and slipped out and WOOSH!!! activate my fucking turbo and drove all the way to ss17 police station....ahhh safe and sound finally!!

So i went in the police station and made a report and guess what...the police knew exactly what car tried to rob me and where....coz apparently its the second case of the day already..but i guess those idiots had no luck coz the 1st case the cops found the missing car...haha serves u right mutha fucking useless people for spoiling my mood and night!!!!! idiotSS!!!! so yea...spend my night in ss15 gaming as usual and eating indo mee sausage....aihhh

minty signing off...ahh wateva....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

living in germany timezone

Finally i retrieved my blog sing in name and password..wahha so long nv blog forgot already. Anyways WORLD CUP IS HERE!!!! i know its abit late but then just let me be excited for awhile la ok?....this world cup very fake but still enjoy it since its only 4 years once and i only gamble or sorta bet football 4 years once..hehe so yea am happy about it...the only thing i dont like is i have to live in Germany timezone in order to catch all the matches which means....SKIPPING CLASS AND LOOKING ULGY due to lack of sleep and unhealthy food...mamak mamak mamak everyday...arghhh but nvm hot chiq digs fugly guys..=P

so many things happened sis shifted out already...finally....after thinking and discussing about the issue for like frigging long...and that means...i get the dvd player and tv in my rooom~!!! ~woooot~ everyones been talking about worldcup and even my parents arent really mad about me skipping classes...haha i love world cuppppppppp......why isnt it on every year..grrrr im blogging this at 2.45 am in the morning which im supposed to be sleeping but noooooo cannot sleep coz im so used to sleeping at freaking 6 in the morning...arghhh living in germany timezone is such a drag man...

ok finally realised im getting old already..went to ruums the other night with couple of frends and 1) i felt the music was pretty annoying but some songs were nice. 2) i felt tired and sleepy at 2 am (last time club till 6 am also hyper ok). 3) i went in there and di not dance at all..instead watched germany vs sweden (good game germany!!!!). what has happened to me!!!! if clubbing isnt fun anymore..what is????? oh nooo need to find new erntertainment already cannot always stay home and watch tv only....hmm think think....prob clubbing isnt fun when ure alone and everyone ber-pair-pair and u sitting alone..haha need to kau lui again...hehehe

ahh such a random post...very lazy to think about anything already...ohhhh why are rich people so fickle oneeeeeeee.....ahhhhhh 1st they tell u thay want this..then dowan..then want..then dowan...wahhh susahnya aku....tell u guys the story some other time when i feel like doing so...basically nothing much happened to me..same old shit different day and yea...thats about it kua...doing this just to really kill time at least better than doing some stupid survery u find in friendster ok? and whats with the shit about chain letters...its pissing me off u opened this msg now u have to re-post whitin 6 mins or u will get bang by a lorry at 6 pm sharp tomorrow right outside ure house....*sweat* and yet people actually REPOST IT!!! dont mean to be mean la..but then how stupid can some people get man...waste their time for some lousy chain letter which is not even interesting....but sometimes i regret not posting coz it says..if u dont repost this u will have bad luck in love for 143324353425123 years....and yea true enough been having bad luck in love for sometime liao..prob should start posting....ahhahaha the cool part is..some of this chain letter even have testimonials of "real life" people with "real life" some guy who reposted it got a promotion and a fucking hot new girlfrend and lived happily ever after..or some idiot who nv repost it walked out of his office after kena fired and got hit by a paralysed and his wife left him and children cheated his money...wahhh how bad is that huh....LOL

ok la...enough nonsense....time to go to bed...tmr wake up early surprise my lecturer!!! freaking spain u let me down!!!! i hate you!! pay me back my money...gRRRrrr good night people~

minty signing off cuppy!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Facial today and be beautiful tomorrow~!

Current situation at home = BAD

Current self situation at home = BAD

Current looks = still charming but getting BAd also..lack of sleep la

aiyahhh..everything doesnt seem to be like everything seems to be right when its all wrong and everything seems to be wrong when its all right~!
finally decided to go for facial today and be beautiful tmr..wahah been wanting to go for facial for dman long liao but always no time..after facial next stop..MASSAGeEeEe...ahhhh just wanna relax and get my mind off something la...war between sis and mum...killing me slowly..everytime they argue sure burn me one...grrrr

hope everything between them will soon be over and everything will be back to normal la...remember the song by eminem "my dad's gone crazy?"...this is how its mum going crazyyyyyy.....cold war is much scarier than civil real war u either die or live...cold war...u die...but veryyy..veryyy...SLOwlllyYYyyy.....

exams is in 2 weeks time and i haven't even started reading anything...although nothing much to study but must at least read something!!! portfolio also haven't finish...arghhh thx to the TVB dramas laaaa.....musn't download them anymore...hehe but can always get from frends...wahhahaha they are just so irrisistable!! just like twisties...*nyam nyam*.. ahhh damn sui la last 2 days....went to help regina when her car radiator bocor...ended up my own car cannot start coz my freaking battery died-ded on it was raining so fucking i decided to call my frend for back up to jump start the car la...really owe him one man...under the pouring heavy mutha farking rain also come help me jump start car...thx thx~!

next day went to proton to claim warranty for new battery since its a new car and next day also cannot start need to jump start again....the bloody service manager damn knnccb rude lor~! then took damn bloody long to change one battery somore say neeed to charge la this and that....ohh i didnt know new batteris also have to charge...what moron!!! give also give better excuse laaa...after all im also studying automobile one okkkkk....chizzz....
ohhh...went to check out forever 21 in 1utama...coz myf rend was working there la..not that i have a fetish for girls clothings...anyways..went in there to look a frend supposed to go catch a movie..but when i went in..i didn't wanna leave!!! wahh damn alot chun chiqs like going clubbing or something..ahah new hangout spot..FOREVER 21!!! anyways....went in to the movie late...suppose to start at 9.30 but then 10 only we went manage to watch 45 mins only...over the hedge btw... yeah quite a fucked up day la..but forever 21 made it all so much better!!...*nose bleeds*

minty signing off...feeling..FOrever young~!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

support malaysia and be a hyprocrite~

If ure a top student in ure school getting all straight A's in spm and u dont get a scholarship, what do u do? go report it to The Star la!! and the next day the perosn in charge will come personally to ure house and give u the scholarship without and if ure disabled u get better scholarships. Aihhh....i think its rather stupid la...i mean u cannot get scholarship then u have to publish it in the papers and let everyone know giving damn lot of pressure to the government and u get it the next day. the best part is when these people say they dont mind if they dont get the scholarship but being the top student also cannot get they just worried about other students who can't get...BULLSHIT laaaaaaa......there are just bloody desperate to get a scholarship and trying to make a big fuss all about it...who said we have to go seek the govenrment if we need help..go the media enough laa!!

This actually proves how great the media can affect for example if u owe loan shark and cannot pay and the loan shark come kacau who? MCA and The Star.....if ure son or daughter need funds for an who? The star..they will set up a fund raisaing campaign for u. sometimes i think these people are taking it for granted that others will have a soft spot for them and eventually help them out...hmmm

watched Gubra earlier with chuchaiz, kk and julian..thought it would be a good movie but aihh dissapointment strikes again..fucking seong che!! not like i dowan to support the malaysian film industry but at least plz come out with something worth watching la!! everytime also say plz support malaysia this plz support malaysia that but always show no end result how to support!??? i dont deny sepet was a good movie la..but this gubra is total nonsense!! no nothing!! and the actor sucks..only the actress is worth watching and if u wanna kill 2 hours just go watch it la..thank God i get to watch it for free...THx kk for the tix!~....and oh sorry la chuchaiz for forcing u to game with me...lepas gian only..hehe =P

back to training tmr and the best part is i get to go back to the same need so kaku anymore hehe kindda fammiliar with that place already...oh went to see my new skirting yesterday and it was niceeeee..cant wait to get it sprayed and fully done up!! oh well off to bed now and get ready for work tmr!!

minty signing off...feeling GREAT FOR THE MEDIA!!!!